If you want to connect a Person Record to an Entity Record by way of a title, position or directorship, you’ll want to know how to add and manage Affiliations

Adding an Affiliation

To add an Affiliation to a Person Record you’ll want to navigate to the Affiliations tab inside of the Person Record. Under the Affiliations tab, you’ll be able to see all of the affiliations this contact has. 

To add a new one, click on the blue + New button. This will bring up the NEW PRINCIPLE workflow. 

When the NEW PRINCIPAL workflow opens it will open to the Profile tab. In this window you’ll have the opportunity to fill in the following information:

ENTITY: Simply click on Select entity > and navigate to the desired entity and select it.

PERSON: This will be automatically populated and the dropdown will have available aliases to choose from.

EXECUTION NAME: This will be automatically populated with the contact’s full name (First, Middle and Last), the dropdown will have available aliases to choose from.

Once you’ve filled out the Profile tab, use the left-hand navigation menu to toggle to the Title tab.

Once you’ve toggled into the Title tab, you will have the opportunity to enter the relevant title information, including:

TITLE: Select the title like director, officer, manager (the specific options depend on the type of entity you’re dealing with) from the dropdown list. 

Input the Elected, Resolution and End dates.

Check the applicable boxes listed underneath the Title information:

  • Indemnity agreement on file
  • Person is first director
  • Banking signing authority
  • General signing authority

If you want to add an additional Title: You can add it by selecting + Title, which is directly above the officer information. 

Once you’ve filled out the desired information, you’ll want to navigate to the Address tab using the left-hand navigation menu. 

The Address tab will auto-populate with the address already on file, but if you want to change the address select Profile associated addresses > and select from the list. 

Once you’re satisfied with the Address, you’ll navigate to the Review tab. 

Note that within this window you also have the option to choose a Status. You can choose from Incoming, Outgoing, Confirmed and Inactive

The Review tab is where you can review the information given before you officially create the Affiliation

Once you are satisfied with the information, select Create

Once you create the Affiliation it will show up in the main window of the Affiliations tab. 

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