To add an address to an Entity Record, go into your entity, navigate to the General tab and got into the Addresses & Agents sub-menu item. 

Add an Address

Once you click on the Addresses & Agents sub-menu item you can see any addresses or agent records that have been added to the company.

If we want to add another address, you simply click the + New button at the top left-hand corner. A New Address window will pop up inside which you can select the Address Type from the dropdown list.

If the address already within your Athennian account, instead of manually adding in the address you can Import it from within another Entity Record.

You do this by checking the box beside Import at the bottom right-hand corner and find the record where it exists. This would most often be used if we are importing an address for a service provider, professional services firm or other type of vendor. 

Once you select Import a popup box will come up where you can search the Entity. Once you find the Entity, you can select the correct address from its list. Once the address gets filled in, you can many any additional changes you want.

Once you’ve made your changes, you’ll want to set it to Confirmed and hit Create. Your new address will then appear in your Addresses & Agents tab.

Want to see this in action? Check out the video tutorial:

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