Add Foreign Registrations

To add a new Foreign Qualification or Extra-Provincial/Out-of-State Registration to an entity, you’ll want to navigate to the General tab and the Registrations sub-menu where you will find all of your different types of registrations. 

Once in here you’ll click Add New Registration.

Creating a new registration will open the New Registration workflow. 

Inside here, you’ll want to select the Type—Foreign Qualification for any  out of province/out of state qualifications or registrations. Then find the Jurisdiction of the new Foreign Qualification from the dropdown and add the Registration Number if it exists.

Change the Status at the top right-hand corner to Confirmed. There is a place to add Notes if you have anything to add.

Finally, if you have Filing Responsibility you can check the box and select any user who is responsible for the task. If you are not responsible, as such in the case that you have an agent or some other service provider doing it for you, you can leave the box unchecked and make a note in the Notes section.

Next, if you go into Dates on the left-hand navigation, you can add in the registration and bring forward dates (the reminder date), then you can go ahead and create the compliance task.

From inside the Dates tab you can also set up a Compliance Task. To set up a Compliance Task, you’ll need to make sure to assign a Bring Forward Date.

When choosing a Bring Forward Date, you’ll want to pick the day you want to be reminded to do this entity’s annual maintenance for its home jurisdiction—which should ideally include enough notice for you to be able to get it done in time.

A Bring Forward Date is simply the reminder date you want to set. You can learn more about tasks in Home Annual Compliance Task.

Then you can navigate to the Address tab on the left-hand navigation and bring in the registered office address. This will bring up the list of addresses assigned to this entity that you can find in the Addresses and Agents tab. You can also add the c/o or “attention to” in the address tab as well.

Then once you’re done head to the Review section of the left-hand side bar and review the information you’ve entered. Once you’re satisfied, Create the registration. 

Your new foreign registration will now appear on the list under the Registrations tab of your entity. 

Likewise, if you have created an Annual Maintenance Task, it will now appear on your task list. 

To view this locate the Task tab on the left-side menu. Once inside you’ll see your newly created Annual Maintenance Task.

Want to see this in action? Watch the video tutorial:

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