To keep track of an entity's annual report filings or annual resolutions / minutes obligations, you can create an annual maintenance task to track the date, generate the required documents and automate any filings (where e-file is available). 

Creating an Annual Compliance Task

You can create an Annual Compliance task from two places: the Compliance tab under General or in the Tasks section.

In  the Filing Dates card, you can Calculate the Bring Forward Date (the reminder date) for the entity's home jurisdiction annual compliance obligations.

When choosing a Bring Forward Date, you’ll want to pick the day you want to be reminded to do this entity’s annual maintenance for its home jurisdiction—which will ideally include enough notice for you to be able to get it done in time.

Now that we have our dates set up, we can go to the bottom where there are two main buttons we want to look at. 

Now if you head to Tasks on your left-hand menu, you’ll see the new task you created. 

Your task will also be available on your home page under Tasks. This tab brings together all of the tasks set for all your different entities in one easy-to-access screen. This way you’ll always be on top of your annual maintenance.

Once you’re in a new Task workflow you’ll have a left-hand navigation menu with the following items: 

  • Details
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Supporting Documents 

Within the Details window you can set your priority, who the task is assigned to, adjust the due date, add in details and also leave tags if you want it to be more searchable.

Once you are finished modifying the Details tab, you’ll move into the Annual maintenance tab. This is where you will add in all the information that is specific to this particular work item. 

Here you’ll find all of our dates here, along with dates for AGM and meeting dates (to access these, select SHOW MORE to see the additional options. All of these data points as well as all data inside of the entity record can be used for document automation.


Once you’re done in the Annual maintenance tab, head to the Supporting Documents tab. This is where you can select associated documents that you want to automate and print. 

Select + Supporting documents to bring up the Supporting documents workflow.

Once you’re inside the Supporting documents workflow you can select the documents you want to add by clicking on the check box beside each respective document.

Once you’ve selected all of the supporting documents you want to include, select Add.

Once you’ve added the documents they will appear in the workflow under the Supporting Documents tab. 

Within the Supporting Documents tab, you also have the option of changing the title of your overall Annual Maintenance Task. To do this you simply click the top name area and type in the desired name.

You can use the Status tab on the top right-hand corner to indicate where along the process you are. 

If you’ve started to get documents signed and file things, you can switch the Task to Pending. This will update the Task to Pending in your maintenance view as well. 

Once the Task is complete, you can set it to Complete. This can either be done from the main Tasks tab within your Entity or you can head into the task itself and set it to Complete within. 

You simply have to check the required checklist items and you can create the next Annual Maintenance Task, assign the responsible party and update the Bring Forward or Reminder Date. By confirming that box you will set the entire Task to complete.

Once you are satisfied with everything inside the Task, hit Save

Once you’ve hit Save a green pop up will momentarily appear in the bottom left-hand corner that will say ✓ Task saved.

Be aware that any new Task you set will take the previous year’s title, so you might want to take a moment and hop into the new task and change the title.

As time goes on, you will have a coherent list of Annual Maintenance Tasks along with a record of who completed them and when.



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