To find out which entities have annual reports and annual resolutions to complete in a given month, you may want to produce an annual compliance report.

To generate this report, go to Reports and click + New. This will open the Report Filters window. Reports work by adding filters to refine the list of entities to be reported on. Click Add Entity Filter to add a filter. You can add several filters at once. 

For the annual compliance report, we want to add the incorporation month filter and the jurisdiction filter. 

By specifying the month of incorporation and the registered jurisdictions, we will only get data from entities that meet these criteria. 

Click Next to see a list of entities that match the filtering criteria. You can select specific entities or use the Select All button. In the following window, you can select the report document template you want to use. 

Click Merge to generate the report document. Your completed report document will be saved at the top of the document list. Double-click to open it or hover over the document record and click on the download on your desktop. 

The report produced will look like the following or regardless of your administrator's configuration mode.

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