To find out which entities have annual reports and annual resolutions to complete in a given month, you may want to produce an annual compliance report. To generate a report, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of your database and select Reports;
  2. Select New and then select + Report - a new window will pop up;
  3. Select anywhere in the grey area where it says Click to Add Entity Filter to pull up the list of filters to narrow your entity search results;
  4. For an annual compliance report, add the Incorporation Month filter and the Jurisdiction filter - by specifying the month of incorporation and registered jurisdictions, Athennian will only pull up entities which meet these criteria;
  5. Select Next to view the list of entities captured by the filters you chose in the previous step;
  6. Click Select all in the top righthand corner to report on all of the entities listed, or navigate through the list and select the entities you wish to report on;
  7. Select Next to view the list of customized report templates available to you;
  8. Select one or multiple reports you would like to generate, and then select Merge;
  9. Once you select Merge, the report will be listed at the top of the list of reports;
  10. Click into the document or hover over the buttons at the far right of the document record to view, modify or download the report.
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