The Annual Compliance Task is designed to let you keep track of an entity's home jurisdiction filings and resolutions/minutes obligations and automate any documents or forms required. 

To start an Annual Compliance Task, navigate to the entity profile for which you would like to create the task, select the Tasks menu, and then select + New.

The following window will appear, which is where you would select Annual Compliance from the Type dropdown list. You may also enter a a Memo description for ease of reference.

Once you will have selected the Annual Compliance task type, the Annual Compliance tab will appear down the lefthand side of the window. Navigate to this tab to enter the relevant dates, fiscal year and any other necessary information in the appropriate fields. Click the Show More button to access AGM and proxy date fields.

If your entity is in a jurisdiction where the e-filing of annual reports is supported, you can e-file directly with the local government corporate registry by clicking on File Annual Report in the top righthand corner of the window as shown below. Note that this option will not appear if the entity is not in a jurisdiction where e-file is supported.

Once all of the necessary fields in the Annual Compliance section are filled in, navigate to the Supporting Documents tab to select the supporting documents to be generated as a result of the Annual Compliance Task.

Selecting Supporting Documents as shown above will prompt you to choose from a list of templates. Select the appropriate templates and then click Add to include them as the supporting documents for the Annual Compliance Task. Click Create in the bottom righthand corner of the window to create the task, and then click Generate documents to generate the templates.

Once you will have selected Generate documents, selecting the View documents now link will bring you directly to the Documents tab of the entity for which you created the task to view the generated documents. You will then be able to download the documents to your desktop, send them for eSignature or edit them in Word Online, as the case may be.

Once all of your documents are signed and filed in the system, set the task to Completed by selecting the status tab in the top right of the task card. Once you select Completed, you will be prompted to make some confirmations and update some date fields. Click Confirm in the bottom righthand corner of the screen to finish.

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