Athennian allows you to generate any kind of formation document required to form an entity, including government forms as well as constitutional documents such as articles and operating agreements.

To generate formation documents for an entity, follow these simple steps:

  1. Once the entity is created and all of the core information necessary for the formation of the entity is recorded in the database (i.e. shareholders, directors, officers, share classes, etc.), navigate to Tasks section down the lefthand side of the screen and select +New;

  2. In the Memo Description, add the title of the task;

  3. In the task Type field, select Formation from the dropdown list;

  4. Select the profile of the entity for which you are creating the task;

  5. Navigate to the 2. Formation tab;

  6. Fill in the various fields including the dates, names information and incorporator information where applicable - note: if you're forming a British Columbia or Ontario entity, you will have the option to E-File;

  7. Navigate to the 3. Supporting Documents tab and select Supporting Documents to choose the templates you would like to use to generate your formation documents;

  8. Click Create to create the task, and then select Generate Documents to generate the documents and to be redirected to the Documents section of the newly formed entity to view and edit them;

  9. Once the task is Completed, navigate back to the Tasks section and click into the formation task you've just created;

  10. To change the status of the task to Completed, click the New status in the top righthand corner of the task window and select Completed from the dropdown list;

  11. Making this selection will prompt you to enter the Formation Date, Confirmation Number (if applicable), and then allow you to check off the actions you would like Athennian to take pursuant to the completion of the task. Once you will have made your selections, simply click Confirm in the bottom righthand corner of the window.

Here is a step-by-step video on how to generate formation documents:

If you wish to generate your organizing documents, see an additional help article:

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