You can use Athennian to generate any documents you need to form a company, including government forms as well as the constitutional documents such as initial resolutions and stock grants, by-laws, articles and operating agreements. 

Once you have filled in the core information in the entity record needed to generate these documents (directors, officers, managers, owners, etc.), you can create a Formation task from the Task tab. 

The Formation task has fields specific to entity creation such as name reservation and incorporator fields. Fill in these fields, select your documents from the Supporting Documents tab and generate them.

When you bring up the Formation task, make sure to click Create in order to create the task. 

You can include multiple incorporators to a formation task. 

Once you entered in all required information, navigate to Supporting Documents to select and generate your documents such as articles of incorporation and initial resolutions or stock grants. 

When you update the status of the task to complete. you can update the entity profile with new information such as dates and entity names. 

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