Org charts show ownership relationships between entities described as percentages. Org charts in Athennian are automatically generated via the equity transactions generated in the Securities tab.

Any entity in the org chart will contain the name of the entity, jurisdiction, region, formation date, registration number, and Tax ID number.

Additionally in the top left-hand corner, you are able to change the colors for each jurisdiction on the org chart.

To see different levels of the org chart, go to that entity's perspective that you wish to view. org charts only have a downward perspective currently, so to view a sub-group of entities go to the parent that you wish to have the perspective of. 

To download an org chart, click the Export (SVG) button. This will export the org chart into a .svg file which can be opened and edited in Visio as well as most diagraming and image software tools.

If you want to save the org chart in PDF format, click the Export (SVG) button and then open up the downloaded document.

Once the download is opened up, right click on the image and select Print.

A new window will open up prompting you to select the Destination. The destination should be set to Save as PDF. Click Save in the bottom right hand corner to save it to a folder on your computer.

Here's a video showing the step-by-step process for downloading an org chart in PDF format:

If you are not able to view an org chart, please read this article:

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