If you have to remove someone from multiple offices across many companies, you can use the bulk or mass edit tool located in a person's People record. 

Navigate to the People tab and then click on the person's record that you want to resign. The click on the Interests section where you will find a list of all that person's Principal appoints.

When you select one or more of the person's appointments, the yellow tool bar will pop-up. Select the status you would like to set the appointments to and add an end date.

If you set the status to Outgoing or Inactive, you will be asked to provide a resignation reason and date. 

Once you have confirmed the resignation date and reason, click Apply on the yellow toolbar to execute the resignation. You will see the statuses change on the appointment records. Navigate to an entity record's Principal section and you will see that this person has been resigned. You can then execute a Change of Principals task to generate all of the documents. 

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