Although you can generate documents to support transactions right from the Transactions tab, you may want to use the Share Transactions task to perform more advanced functions or select specific data for document assembly. 

The Share transactions task has four primary functions:

  1. To generate documents to support share transaction records (directors resolutions, stock certificates, subscription agreements, etc.).

  2. To work across share classes (generate documents, update dates, etc.).

  3. Update the statuses as well as transaction and resolution dates for all selected transactions in one action.

  4. Record and track details related to the transaction as a project (notes, due dates, assignee, etc.) 

To use any or all of the functions mentioned above, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the entity record for which you would like to create the share transaction task;

  2. Navigate to the Tasks section and select + New to create a new task;

  3. In the Type field, select Share Transactions from the dropdown list - you will notice a 2. Share Transactions tab appear in the window;

  4. Navigate to the 2. Share Transactions tab;

  5. Enter the Transaction Date and Resolution Date where applicable;

  6. Select the + Transactions button to pull up a list of all of the transactions and certificates for that entity;

  7. Navigate through the Transactions and Certificates and check off the transactions and certificates you would like to manage in the task;

  8. link the transactions and certificates you would like to manage to the task, and then select Add;

  9. Alternatively to selecting the + Transactions button, you can also select the + Select all data button to add all data to the task;

  10. Navigate to the 3. Supporting Documents tab and select + Supporting documents to add the applicable supporting documents to the task;

  11. Check off the desired templates and select Add to add them to the task;

  12. Click Create to create the task, and then select Generate Documents to generate the supporting documents;

  13. Click View Documents Now - this will redirect you to the Documents section where you will be able to view and modify the documents;

  14. Navigate back to the Tasks section, click on the share transaction task you've just created;

  15. In the top righthand corner, click on the status of the task and select Completed from the dropdown list;

  16. This will trigger a card to pop-up that will allow you to update the dates for the selected transactions;

  17. Now you will have a Share Transaction task marked as Completed as well as assembled documents ready to be signed.

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