If you want to add or remove users from a team, you can do this from the Workspace settings menu in your account.

Navigate settings icon in the top right and then click on Workspace on the left hand side of the window. 

In the Workspace area, you can see all the teams that you are a part of. Find the team that you want to add or remove someone from to make changes. 

You can see all the users in a team by clicking on the members text. 

If you want to add someone to the team, click the Invite button on the team card. If you want to remove someone, click the Remove button. 

This will open an invitation workflow where you can add the users email and set their permissions for the team. When you click Invite, they will receive an email inviting them to join the team and add their personal details. 

If you want to delete or edit the name of a team, click on the three circle icon. 

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