You can use reports if you want to generate reports that captures data from multiple entities. This article will provide a basic overview of how reports work. Other articles in this collection contain more detailed specifics about how to generate reports. 

To access Reports, navigate to the Reports tab on the left main menu. When you open Reports, you will see previously generated reports listed in the table. To Create a new Report, click on the + New button and click + Report

To help you get the data you need, Athennian's reporting is designed to be very flexible. We have engineering this by creating a two part reporting system. The first part is called Filters, which allows you to narrow down the entities that you want to get data from based on the certain attributes (e.x., entities with a fiscal year end in March). Filters can be stacked to create any combination of criteria to narrow down the entities you want to extract data from. The second part is the template document that you want to use to layout the desired data. The templates contain the database field merge codes to extract and format the data in the way you want.

With this two part reporting system, you are able to create any type of report you want.

Please continue reading the other articles in this section to learn how to generate reports in more detail. 

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