In order to create a report, navigate to the Reports tab on the left menu and click + New. You see will the below window open up. 

The first step is to begin adding your filters to narrow down the entities you want to report on. By default, the filter for File Status is added to only include Active entities in your results. You can remove this filter by clicking on the X

To add new filters, click on the box in the middle. This will show all the filters available to you. Note that you can request additional filters from your admin or account representative. 

Each filter provides different functions. For example, the Affiliation filter allows you to only show entities that contain a specific person as a director, officer or manager. You can stack multiple filters together to create customized reporting parameters.

Once you are satisfied with your filter configuration, click the Next button and navigate to the Select Entities page. Select the entities you want to report on or select the Select All button and click Next

On the Supporting documents page, select the appropriate template report to generate. Note that you need to select a template appropriate to the filters you have selected. For example, if you select an Appointment Report template without using the Affiliation filter, your report document will not generate properly because there is not a matching data set to merge into the document. 

After you click Merge, your report document will be available in the list. If you can't find the generated report, toggle the Created date field. 

A short video walkthrough on how to complete an Affiliation report!

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