To use entity templates, we first need to create a template entity record to copy from. Template Entities will duplicate all data that exists in the template to the newly created entity record except transaction records and document files. This allows you to save time when creating a high volume of similar entities. 

How to Create an Entity Template

Any entity record can be used as an entity template by changing the entity record's status to Template in the status dropdown menu.

Using an Entity Template 

Once you have created a template entity, you can select that template from the New button. 

When you select Entity from Template, the below window will open. Select the template you want to use and click Continue. This will automatically create a new entity from template entity. 

Once you select the entity template, you will be prompted to enter the Name for new entity, and you will be able to check off whether you want to have a copy of the template's virtual minute book and whether you want a copy of all documents and folders. Once you make your selections, click Create.

The new entity should appear in the Entities list. If you don't see the new entity, make sure your entity list is being filtered by the modified column. Click Modified to filter by that column to see the new entity. 

Name New Entity 

To change the entity name, open the entity and navigate to Entity Details and click on its existing name. 

In the change company name window, enter a new name at the top of the window and make sure to uncheck the option to include the previous name in the list of previous names and check off the required checklist. 

Edit an Entity Template

When you set the status of an entity record to Template, the template entity will be listed in the main entity list. 

To make any edits to the template, update the template entity record. To delete a template, set the entity status to Delete

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