Athennian allows you to bulk replace a person from multiple offices across multiple entities, and here's how:

  1. Navigate to the People tab;

  2. Select the record of the person you would like to replace as a principal across multiple entities;

  3. Navigate to the person's Interests tab;

  4. Check of the box next to the affiliations you would like to modify;

  5. In the blue banner that appears at the top of the screen, select the three dots at the far right of the banner and select Replace from the dropdown menu - notice that the Start Date and End Date fields are empty in the blue banner;

  6. In the new window that pops up in the 1. Profile tab, select the Incoming Profile and the Start Date, and confirm the removal Reason and End Date;

  7. In the 2. Address tab, select the address of the incoming profile;

  8. In the 3. Review tab, confirm that the information is accurate, and then select Create - this will make the changes across the affiliated entities;

  9. Notice the status of the outgoing principal is changed to Outgoing, and the status of the incoming principal is set to Incoming for all of the selected affiliations;

  10. Follow the steps listed in the Generating Supporting Documents portion of this help article to generate the supporting documents for the removals in each of the entities.

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