If you have to replace someone from multiple offices across many entities, you can use the bulk or mass edit tool located in a person's People record.

Navigate to the People tab and then click on the person's record that you want to replace. Then select the Interests section where you will find a list of all of that person's titles.

When you select one or more of the person's appointments, the yellow tool bar will pop-up. Select the three dots next to Apply and select Replace.

Once you select Replace another window will pop-up asking you to choose the replacement person. Add the person in the Incoming Profile field and set that person's status to Incoming. Then select Outgoing for the principal that is being replaced. Enter the Reason for replacement is applicable and enter the End Date.

Once you will have input the necessary information for the incoming and outgoing principal, navigate to the Address tab to select the address of the incoming principal.

Lastly, review the Incoming Profile and Outgoing Profile to ensure the correct data has been inputted. Once the information is confirmed, select Create - this will make the change across all the selected entities.

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