We're heads down working on some amazing new features for our users.  Have a look at some of the stuff we've got on tap for October!

  • Adding the ability to save and reuse report filters.
  • Adding the ability to download the entire Virtual Minute Book in a single .zip file.
  • Adding improved user experience in the Virtual Minute Book.
  • Adding the ability to edit the legend on create/edit transactions and create/edit share certificates.
  • Hiding transactions related to share classes that have been marked as inactive.
  • Optimizing and making the presentation of larger lists more efficient for our users.
  • Adding incoming Directors and Officers to the Entity overview screen.
  • Adding the ability to e-file incorporations/formations in British Columbia with confirmations and documents back from the registration authority within 5 minutes.
  • Adding "Change of Address" task with corresponding e-file capability in British Columbia.
  • Adding the ability to set the default currency for an Entity.
  • Adding the ability to indicate that a shareholding has a lien or encumbrance, with warnings to the user on potential transaction.
  • Adding e-mail alerts on task due dates.
  • Improving overall layout and experience of the dashboard.
  • Adding Administrator configurable workflow changes for their teams.
  • Plus many refinements designed to make our users more efficient.
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