Any Word or PDF document generated or uploaded in Athennian is able to sent out for electronic signature via Athennian.

To send a PDF for signature you can either checkmark the document and select Sign with Athennian or on the right-hand side when hovering over a PDF document you will see an option to Sign with Athennian as well.

To send a Word document for signature you are required to select and open the document from the Documents tab.

Next, you select the Signature Request to start the signing process. 

At this point, you are able to select Add Signature button from the upper left-hand side of the window and simply drag and drop the signature block to the appropriate section of the document. 

Now that the signature location has been placed on the document you can indicate who you want to send the document to for signature. Full name and Email are required for this. 

Once the Full name and Email have been filled in you select the Action button on the top right-hand side and select Send to have the document sent for signature. 

Please refer to our help article "How do I eSign a Document" to see the step by step process on signing the document. 

When they have signed the document you will receive an email once the document has fully been signed. At this point, it will change the status of the document to Completed you are able to download a PDF copy of it for your records. 

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