This week we've released some key updates for our amazing customers!

  • Added the ability to download the entire Virtual Minute Book in a .zip file.Allow users to override the street/city/state/zip/country when importing existing address collections.
  • Added email alerts on task due dates.
  • Changes to the way task and entity lists are loaded to improve speed and usability.
  • Added the ability to view E-file transaction reports and export .CSV files for download.
  • Added email notifications to the user when documents are signed by the signer.
    Added 'CUR' prefix principals for annual compliance task now has a 'RES' prefix based on resolution date and 'AR' is based on Annual Resolution date.
  • When completing documents, attached .PDF files should now show fully formed documents instead of just the signed page.
  • Fixed problem with grid signature block populating incorrectly for entity shareholders.
  • Fixed problem with director & officer grid signatures only passing confirmed records.
  • Fixed task creation bug that resulted from implementing performance increases for task lists.
  • Fixed BC e-file bug where documents were not being returned to entity profile.
  • Fixed the presentation of org chart connector lines when exporting to an .svg file.
  • Fixed problem with certificate numbers erroneously including an asterisk (*) when printed in documents.
  • Added many other subtle enhancements to allow our customers to work efficiently.
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