This week we've released some key updates to our platform for our amazing customers!

  • Added support for OKTA Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Added improved entity list loading and searching. 
  • Enhanced workflow for adding non-managed entities as shareholders.
  • Added the ability to perform Administrative Edit of entity name.
  • Added the ability to have the option to delete associated certificates when deleting a transaction.
  • Added the ability to include HTML documents (draft, template, collaborate, etc.) to be downloaded within a .zip file in document manager view.
  • Added many enhancement to e-file workflows.
  • Added application security updates.
  • Fixed share class name overflow issue in entity overview.
  • Fixed asterisk displaying for certificates in consolidated certificates modal.
  • Fixed the ability to allow archived Virtual Minuted Books to be deleted and improved user experience.
  • Fixed the ability for Admins to delete entity documents.
  • Fixed email address filtering and handling on entry.
  • Fixed certificate issuance date default settings - now transaction date.
  • Fixed issue with pending share classes not rendering in transaction section.
  • Fixed incorporator address type overwriting incorporator type in document merge.
  • Fixed suppression of deleted entities from showing in list profile modal.
  • Added many other subtle enhancements to allow our customers to work more securely and efficiently.
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