This week we've released some key updates to our platform for our amazing customers!

  • Balance remaining transactions are now associated with cancelled certificates after a transaction, redemption/repurchase/gift/retraction, or exchange/transaction.
  • Added the ability to add a lien at the share class level via alteration or administrative edit.
  • Added Canada and USA at the top of country list drop-downs (jurisdictions, tax residency, etc).
  • Added Minute book and client number in Entity screen - searchable and sort-able.
  • Added the ability to add/edit notes for Controllers included ISC register with document automation (DXT) support.
  • Fixed 'to and from' certificate data support on all transactions for CSR compatibility, especially for balance remaining transactions.
  • Fixed the issue where duplicate transaction ID would be added instead of new transaction for certificate transaction IDs of exchange/Conversion type transactions.
  • Fixed the issue with archived sub templates still visible when selecting sub templates.
  • Fixed the issue with shareholder ownership and voting percentages showing 0% in person interest view.
  • Fixed the issues with asterisk displaying for certificate codes in combine shareholding modal.
  • Fixed the issue with expired notes repeatedly saving to history when entering entity.
  • Fixed the issue with fractional share calculation and display accuracy for all transaction workflows.
  • Fixed the user experience issue with the creation of compliance reminders.
  • Added many other subtle enhancements to allow our customers to work more securely and efficiently.
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