This week we've released some key updates to our platform for our amazing customers!

  • Added 'to' and 'from' transaction/certificate document automation (DXT) support for Central Securities Registers and Transfer Registers.
  • Added additional partnership fields for tracking more detail about various types of partnerships: registration date, cancellation date and do not renew checkbox with document automation (DXT) support.
  • Added Google account image to toolbar!
  • Improved the administrators template manager view.
  • Fixed Issue with premature error message when renaming a document with special characters.
  • Fixed issue with cancelled shares displaying incorrectly in shareholding details modal.
  • Fixed issue with pagination when viewing certificates in shareholding details modal, and viewing certificates within entity transactions.
  • Fixed issue with accidentally double-clicking on an template while in administrators template manager view.
  • Fixed issue when trying to 'select all' for templates while in administrators template manager view.
  • Fixed issue with People > interests > shareholder type dropdown being partially hidden.
  • Fixed issue with 'bulk edit' button still displaying for principals in people section after completion.
  • Fixed issue with Ontario e-file document upload notification not displaying.
  • Fixed issue with balance remaining transaction and issuance date defaulting to current date.
  • Added many other subtle enhancements to allow our customers to work more securely and efficiently.
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