This week we've released some key updates to our platform for our amazing customers! This week we focused on some clean-up work before we release a pile of new functionality in the coming weeks.

  • Fixed issue with affiliations not updating when editing a person's passport, drivers license and date of birth.
  • Fixed issue with folder sort order default if custom  does not exist.
  • Fixed issue with dashboard not being accessible to summary-only.
  • Fixed issue with limiting non-managed entity views for summary-only user.
  • Fixed issue with missing variables for entities with singular share class.
  • Fixed issue with templates associated with not-for-profit organizations not appearing.
  • Fixed issue with previous word preview shows when uploading blank word document.
  • Fixed issue with template filter not functioning under certificates tab.
  • Added many other subtle enhancements to allow our customers to work more securely and efficiently.
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