This week we've released some key updates to our platform for our amazing customers!

  • Added shareholders in certificates collection and amendments within share class collection for document automation (DXT).
  • Added Registrations type - "other".
  • Added the ability for completed Word files (.docx) to be converted to PDF (labs only for testing).
  • Added extra logic to update order details for ULC e-filing.
  • Added secondary equivalent name and LEI for entity details.
  • Added safe delete for transactions and certificates (labs only for testing).
  • Improved text search for lazy loaded lists - entities and people.
  • Fixed the issue with smooth team switching.
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to sort by column header for certs in shareholding details modal.
  • Fixed issue with cancelled shares not always display correctly for shareholdings.
  • Fixed issue with displaying transactions & certificate DXT at root level for Organizational task.
  • Added many other subtle enhancements to allow our customers to work more securely and efficiently.
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