Issuing Options

To issue Options to an Optionholder navigate to the corporate entity that will be issuing the options.

On the left side of the database select the Securities tab and move to the Options tab.

Once you have moved to the Options tab, ensure that you have selected the class of shares that the Options will be issued for.  This will be found at the top of the screen where you can change between existing share classes.

Under the Transactions tab on the same screen select the + New tab 

A screen will open that gives the following options:

Select Option Grant and a new screen will open up.  Add the Grant Date, Number of Options, Exercise Price per Option.

Move down on the screen to Optionholder and select Create new optionholder or Select from an existing optionholder.  To add a new optionholder select the +Optionholder tab at the bottom left of the screen.  You can choose a person or entity as the optionholder at the bottom right of the screen.

Move down on the screen to Vesting Period and input the Vesting Date and the Expiry Date of the options.  Select Draft at the bottom right of the screen

Exercising Options

To exercise these options that have been granted stay in the Options tab, select +New under the Transactions tab.  Select Exercise Options in the transaction screen.

A new screen will open up, fill out Exercise Details and select the Optionholder.  Click the Option box and fill out how many options are being exercised.

Move to bottom of screen, select shareholder information to exercise the options and select Next at the bottom right of the screen once complete.

Review Exercise Details in Review screen and select Exercise tab at bottom right of the screen.

Open transaction set out as pending and change to confirmed. 

Select Shares tab at left of the screen and the Exercise of Options transaction will be set out in the share transactions.  Open this transaction and select Confirm tab at bottom right.

The shares have now been issued and a share certificate number will be assigned.

Cancelling Options

To cancel outstanding options select the Options tab and +New under Transactions, select Cancel Options.  Set out details and reason for cancellation, select Confirm and the options will be cancelled.

Follow the same steps for Granting, Exercising and Cancelling Warrants by selecting the Warrants tab under the Securities section.

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