The ability to E-File within the database makes forming an entity easy and auto populates formation info into your Athennian entity once filed.

It is likely that you and/or your legal organization will prepare a template that reflects the precedent language approved for incorporations.  Using a template is an effective way to create an entity quickly and accurately.

This article sets out how you would create an entity from scratch.   Once an entity has been formed it can be used as a template for future use.

First step, ensure that your personal account information is set out in the database. This is a requirement for the E-File transaction.  Move to the top right of the screen and select your profile.  Open this profile to Settings.

Selecting the Settings tab will open your profile.  Ensure your name, email, phone number and employee number are set out.  The employee number is used to identify the person that filed the articles of incorporation.  You can decide how that should be identified (ie - assigned docket ID or type in your name).

Once complete, navigate to the Entity Manager tab at the top right of the screen and this will take you back to your Dashboard.

Navigate to the Entities tab on the left of the screen.

Select the New tab at the top left of the screen and select Entity.

The screen Create New Entity will open.  Insert the Entity information in each field. Select Jurisdiction, Canada in first field,  Ontario in the second field.  If the name of the new entity will be a new numbered corporation just insert a reference, ie. New NumberCo.  Add the Registered Office Address and select the Create tab at the bottom right of the screen.

Open the new entity created.  Open the General tab and go to Entity Details.  Ensure that you have set out a Client Number on this screen as this number will be used to identify where the filing fee should be charged.

Navigate to the Governance tab.  Open the tab and select Articles.  

Once selected a screen will open that sets out all sections required for the completion of your articles of incorporation.  Enter the required information.  As you complete each section in the articles, the information set out will be automatically saved.

Once complete navigate to the Principals tab.  Select the +New tab at the top left and add in your first director(s).  Ensure that you select INCOMING as the status of the first director(s).  This is found at the top right of the second tab referenced as 2. Title.  You must also ensure that you select Person is a first director on this screen and add a date of election.

Select the Tasks tab and select the +New tab at the top left.

A screen will open to create the task.  In the first section 1. Details, select Formation as the Type of task.  Select Create at the bottom right of the screen.

Move to section 2. Formation.  You can select Numbered company or add in your NUANS report information and set out the reserved name of the new entity.

At the bottom of this screen, select the Incorporator(s) of the new entity.  Once complete, select Create at the bottom right of the screen.

Move to Section 3. Supporting Documents to generate a draft Articles of Incorporation and Consent to Act as First Director to send out for execution.

When you are prepared to E-File your articles of incorporation, move back to Section 2. - Formation of this task.

Select the File Formation tab at the top right of this screen.

A screen will open that sets out the information to be filed in the articles of incorporation.

You must select the Canadian Resident tab on this screen as applicable to the first director(s).  Select the File tab at the bottom right of the screen.

Once you have selected File the Terms and Conditions page will generate.  Insert the Incorporator(s) information.

Once completed check off the Accept and proceed with filing box on the bottom right and select Confirm under this box.

Once confirmed the filing will be in progress and you will receive this message.  You may leave the entity at this time and the filing will still process.

Once the filing is successful you will receive a notification at the bottom right of your screen.

After this has been filed various things will update automatically.  The name of the corporation, the corporation number and the formation date.

The filed Certificate and Articles will be added to your Documents tab. 

You have successfully formed a new Ontario corporation within the Athennian database! 🥳🎉

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