Athennian has an integration with Google Drive, which means that you can upload or download documents between Athennian and your Google Drive, and here's how:

Uploading Documents from your Google Drive

  1. Navigate to the entity for which you would like to upload documents;
  2. Navigate to the Documents tab of that entity;
  3. Select the New button at the top left of the documents screen;
  4. Select From Google Drive from the dropdown list;
  5. The option to select files from your Google Drive will open - there is an option at the top left of the screen to do a search for the documentation being downloaded to the database;
  6. Click Select at the bottom left once your documentation has been chosen - Note: the selected documentation from Google Drive will be removed from your folder and inserted in the database, it will not be a copy from the Google Drive.

Downloading Documents to your Google Drive

  1. Check off the documents that you would like to upload;
  2. Click # Selected at the top of the documents list and select Export to Drive;
  3. Once you select Export to Drive, you will be redirected to your Google Drive where you will be prompted to Select Destination Folder - Note: there is a search bar to find the folder you would like to upload the document to.
  4. Choose the destination folder, and then click Select at the bottom of the screen;
  5. The selected documentation will be uploaded to the Google Drive in the location you have chosen.
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