Navigate to the entity that the document is going to be downloaded to or uploaded from.

Once the entity has been opened, select the Documents tab at the left of the screen.

Select the New button at the top left of the Documents screen.

Select From Google Drive to download the documents that you have on your computer.

The option to select files from Google Drive will open. There is an option at the top left of this screen to do a search for the documentation being downloaded to the database. Click on the Select tab at the bottom left once your documentation has been chosen.

Please note that the selected documentation from Google Drive will be removed from your folder and inserted in the database, it will not be a copy from the Google Drive.

After you have selected the documentation to be downloaded it will be inserted in the Documents tab and you will automatically be brought to that section of the entity.

To Upload a document or multiple documents from the database to your Google Drive select the document that is to be uploaded. Move to the Selected tab at the top left of the Documents tab and select Export to Drive

You will be brought to the Google Drive and you will Select a Destination Folder. There is a search bar to find the folder you would like to upload the document to.

Select your folder from the Google Drive and click on Select at the bottom left of the screen. The selected documentation will be uploaded to the Google Drive in the location you have chosen.

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