Virtual minute books are becoming essential as the legal community embraces technology and the need to access corporate records from any location. The ability to create virtual minute books is done easily within the Athennian database.

Navigate to the entity that the virtual minute book will be created for. Select the Virtual Minute book tab at the bottom left of the selected entity.

Once selected you will see the Virtual Minute Book screen which will be empty.

Select header to create the titles or "minute book tabs" that you want to be reflected in your virtual minute book. Type in the name of your first header as you want it to be set out in the virtual minute book and select the Create tab.

To prepare further headers select the + symbol at the top of the minute book screen. Once selected you will receive the same New header screen to fill in the next header required. Repeat this process as many times as you need to.

Additionally, you can import headers from another entity to save some time typing each one in. Check out the Import Virtual Minute Book Headers help article for more information.

To create a subheader within a header, move to the header you wish to add a subheader to. Open that header and then create a header within that first header. For example, if you created a header called Agreements but wanted to further break that up into various types of agreements, you can do that within that header.

It will also show up in your Table of Contents as they are created.

As you create the headers required you also have the ability to move the order that the headers are set out by selecting that header and moving in to where you want it on that screen. Hit the refresh button on the Table of Contents and all changes will be instantly reflected.

Video Instructions on Creating Headers:

Once you have created all of the required Headers you can start adding documentation to your virtual minute book.

There are a few ways to add documents to the virtual minute book. If you would like to move documentation from the Documents tab in Athennian to the virtual minute book you must first convert them all to PDF (all documents being filed in the virtual minute book must be in PDF).

Select the documents to be converted to PDF in the Documents tab. Once they have been converted, select the documents to be moved to the virtual minute book. You can move multiple documents at one time however they can only be moved to one header at a time. Once you have moved multiple documents to the virtual minute book you can move them again from one header to another.

The other ways to add documentation to your virtual minute book is to upload them from your computer or drag and drop them from a folder on your computer into the database.

Once your documents have been added to the virtual minute book you can also edit how they are named, add effective dates and move the documents around to how you want them set out.

Video Instructions:

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