To add or change a registered agent, navigate to the entity for which you would like to add or change a registered agent, and go into the Addresses & Agents tab as shown below.

Once you're in the Addresses & Agents tab, select + New and then enter the require information such as the agent Name, Attention, and Address. Once the information is entered, select Create in the bottom righthand corner of the window to confirm the addition of the registered agent.

Once you will have selected Create, the new registered agent will appear in the Addresses & Agents section as shown below.

To modify the registered agent, simply click into the agent and a window will pop up on the righthand side of your screen with more details about the registered agent. Scroll through this information and modify it as you see fit. Once your modifications are completed, simply select Save to confirm the changes. You can also delete a registered agent by selecting Delete in the same window.

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