Athennian makes it extremely easy to correct transfer transactions! Here is the step-by-step on how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the entity for which you would like to correct a transfer transaction;

  2. Navigate to the Securities > Shares section down the lefthand side of the screen;

  3. In the Transactions tab, select the transfer transaction you would like to correct;

  4. Once you're in the transfer transaction itself, scroll down to the bottom and check off Administrative Edit;

  5. Checking off Administrative Edit will allow you to make the necessary modifications to the transaction, including shares issued, price per share, etc.;

  6. Once you've made the changes, select Update in the bottom righthand corner - you will notice that the changes will be made in the transaction record;

  7. Make the same changes to the Balance (Transfer) record where applicable;

  8. Navigate to the Certificates tab to make the necessary changes to the corresponding share certificates - you will notice a yellow dot at the beginning of each of the certificate records indicating that the certificates needs to be modified;

  9. Select the certificate that was cancelled pursuant to the transfer of shares, navigate to the Cancel tab and, in Reason for cancellation, select Other and then type "[new mount of shares] transferred to [transferee]", then select Update;

  10. Next, select the certificate that was issued to the new shareholder pursuant to the transfer, make the necessary modifications to reflect the changes made in the transaction record, and then select Update;

  11. Repeat step 10 for the Balance (Transfer) certificate where applicable;

  12. Once the changes are made, click Repair at the far right of each of the certificate records and then click Validate next to Registers/Ledgers.

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