Generating registers and ledgers in Athennian is quick and easy to do! All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Securities > Shares and click Registers / Ledgers in the top right hand corner to open up a dropdown list - you will have the option to choose among the following:
    - Current Share Class
    - All Share Classes
    - Select Shareholders
  2. Once you select one of the items from the dropdown list, a Supporting Documents window will open up with a list of templates to choose from;
  3. Scroll through and check off the desired template to be used to generate the register/ledger;
  4. Click Merge to generate the document;
  5. Click View Documents Now to be redirected to the newly generated register/ledger in the Documents section;
  6. Click on the register/ledger to preview, convert to PDF, or open in Word Online.

If you are looking to generate Principal Registers, see additional help article:

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