In order to access the template editor, your firm must have access to the the template editor function and your user account must have the correct access permissions. This permission setting is controlled by Athennian Customer Support.

If you have the correct permission setting, you will see the Template button in your left hand side navigation column, under Reports.

Uploading Documents

Once you view this page, you can upload templates by clicking on the top left hand corner New button and clicking on Upload.

This will give you a new modal to either Drag and drop your template files or Choose files that are saved locally on your computer. Note - you can only upload Microsoft Word .docx file type documents and you can upload multiple files at one time.

Errors Uploading Documents

There is a known error with some PC computers that do have updated operating systems or do not have updated Microsoft Word programs. Please contact our support team if you have any issues uploading .docx files and we can provide further direction on how to remediate this issue.

Add Setting to Templates

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