Apply template settings

To apply settings to a template, you can hover of the template you wish to apply setting and three options will appear on the right hand side.

Click on the left button to open up the template settings modal.

A. Jurisdiction Setting

The jurisdiction setting will allow you to control the template to appear only for entities in a specific jurisdiction. This can be done for a country (ie. Canada) or a region (ie. Alberta).

B. Document Type Setting

The Document Type filter allows you to specify the type of document a template is. This allows you to classify items as a Government Form, a Certificate, a Register / Ledger, a Report, or an Agreement.

C. Workflow Setting

The Workflow setting allows you to control which Task Types a document will appear for within the Support Documents tab of a Task.

D. Entity Type Setting

The Entity Type setting allows you to control which entity types a template will appear for anywhere in that entity.

Additional Settings

Refer to additional help articles for more information on Custom Prompts & Subtemplates:

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