Create a New Entity

  1. Navigate to the Entities tab on the left of the screen;
  2. Select the New tab at the top left;
  3. Select Entity from the three options provided in the dropdown menu;
  4. On the Details screen input the Name of the entity, Jurisdiction, Type, Corporation Number, Formation Date
  5. Select the Address tab, input a new address for the entity and select the Create tab at the bottom right - Note: our address search is integrated with Google Maps;
  6. Open newly created entity;
  7. Move through each section in the General tab and input information relevant to your jurisdiction and company workflow.

Video Instructions:

Assigning Directors and Officers to the Entity you have Created

  1. Navigate to the Principals tab;
  2. Add yourself as a director and officer by selecting the New button located on the top left and then following the workflow;
  3. Add a few more directors and officers using the same steps.

Video Instructions:

Resign a Director and an Officer

  1. In the Principals tab, check off the person resigning;
  2. Change the person's status to Inactive;
  3. Select the Reason for removal and End Date, and click Confirm;
  4. Go back up to the top in the blue information bar and press Apply;
  5. Repeat this process and resign an officer;
  6. Navigate to the right and click on Principal Register;
  7. Generate a director and an officer register;
  8. Review the registers in the Documents tab.

Video Instructions:

Create a Share Class, Issue Shares, and Generate a Stock Certificate

Share Class:

  1. Navigate to the General > Compliance tab;
  2. Under the Filing section of this screen move to the Certificate Template field and select a Stock Certificate template;
  3. Navigate to the Governance > Share Classes tab;
  4. Select New at the top left and select New Share Class from the dropdown menu;
  5. Add the Created Date of the shares;
  6. Add Share Class Name (e.g. - Common);
  7. Add the Certificate Code to reflect how you want the share certificate to be generated (e.g. C-* which will generate as C-1, omit the letter if just using a number for your certificates), asterisks must be added to ensure stock certificate numbers are issued in sequence as share transactions occur;
  8. Define the settings and restrictions if required;
  9. Click the Create tab at the bottom right.

Video Instructions:

Issue Shares and Generate Stock Certificate:

  1. Navigate to the Securities > Shares tab;
  2. Select the share class;
  3. Select New and then Issuance;
  4. Enter the issuance details in the Details section, enter Transaction Date as today’s date
  5. Move to Shareholding section and select yourself as a shareholder;
  6. Move to the Review section and click on Draft and select Merge Documents;
  7. Select Stock Certificate from Supporting Documents List and click Merge;
  8. Select View Documents Now;
  9. View stock certificate in Documents tab.

Video Instructions:

Generating Summaries, Registers, and Ledgers

  1. Navigate to the General > Overview screen;
  2. Click on Generate Summary and select the template you would like to generate;
  3. Click Merge and the View documents now link to the documents section;
  4. Navigate to the Securities > Shares section;
  5. Select Registers/Ledgers;
  6. Select Current Share Class from the dropdown menu;
  7. Select the templates you would like to generate and click Merge;
  8. Navigate to the Principals tab;
  9. Click on Principals Register;
  10. Select the templates you would like to generate and click Merge;
  11. Navigate to the documents section and view your documents.

Video Instructions:


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