Share Class

  1. Using the entity created from Mission 1 you will create a new class of shares
  2. Navigate to the Governance tab
  3. Select Share Classes under the Governance tab
  4. Select New at the top left of Share Classes and select New share class from the drop down menu
  5. Add date the share class was created
  6. Add share class name (e.g. - Non Voting Common)
  7. Add certificate code to reflect how you want the share certificate to be generated (e.g. NV-* which will generate as NV-1, omit the letter if just using a number for your certificates), asterisks must be added to ensure stock certificate numbers are issued in sequence as share transactions occur
  8. Define the settings and restrictions if required
  9. Click the Create tab at the bottom right

Issue Shares and Generate Stock Certificate

  1. Navigate to the Securities tab
  2. Select the new share class
  3. Select New and then Issue
  4. Enter the issuance details in the Details section, enter Transaction Date as today’s date
  5. Move to Shareholding section and select yourself as a shareholder
  6. Create a share transfer under Transactions
  7. Select Transfer
  8. Move half of the shares outstanding from the current shareholder to a new shareholder
  9. Ensure that you input the amount of shares being taken off of the certificate during this transfer
  10. Once the transfer is complete move to the Certificate tab beside the transaction tab
  11. Select the two new stock certificates to be generated and Merge
  12. Select View Documents Now
  13. View stock certificate in Documents tab

Video Instructions:

Tasks - Another Way to Generate a Stock Certificate

  1. Navigate to Tasks within the entity
  2. Select New
  3. In Section 1. Details section select Type - Share transactions and click Create at the bottom right of the screen
  4. In Section 2. Share Transactions select
  5. Select today as the Transaction Date
  6. Move to the bottom of the screen to +Transactions and click on that
  7. Move to the Certificate Section on the this screen
  8. Select the Stock Certificates to be generated and select the Add button at the bottom right
  9. Close the Screen
  10. In Section 3. Supporting Documents select +Support Documents at the top of the screen
  11. Select the relevant certificate and select Add at the bottom right
  12. Once you are back in the Supporting Documents screen select Generate documents
  13. Select View Documents now to review your certificate

Video Instructions:

Mission 2 Accomplished! 🚀

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