Add an Agent & Create A Foreign Qualification

  1. Navigate to an entity that you have created

  2. Navigate to the General > Addresses & Agents tab;

  3. Create a Registered Agent that will be used in a Foreign Qualification registration;

  4. Select the Registrations tab and then select New to create a new registration;

  5. In the Type field, select Foreign Qualification;

  6. Select the Jurisdiction;

  7. Add the Registration Number;

  8. Move to Dates section and input date;

  9. Move to Agent & Address, you will notice that the agent in the same jurisdiction as the registration will be listed - select Specify Additional Agent/Address to add a different agent;

  10. In the Documents tab, if you had relevant forms uploaded in the virtual minute book you would be able to link them to the registration in this Document tab;

  11. Review and create your Foreign Qualification registration record.

Video Instructions:

Create a Registration Compliance task and Reminder from the Tasks section

  1. Navigate to the Tasks section of the entity and select + New;

  2. In Section 1. Details select Registration Compliance as your Type;

  3. Select Create at the bottom right of this screen and the option to set a Reminder will show on the top right of the screen;

  4. Move to the Reminder and set it the way you would like to have it remind you about this task;

  5. Move to Section 2. Registration Compliance, when online abilities to File Annual Reports are available you will file your Annual Report through this section;

  6. Note that Section 3. Supporting Documents is applicable if you were going to have documents coded to generate from this section;

  7. Don’t forget to click Set and then Save once your updates are made;

  8. Set the task from New to Pending to Confirmed by opening the Task and moving the status in the upper right corner OR change the status by moving your cursor over the task on the right and hit the arrow to make it pending and then checkmark to make it completed;

  9. When you select Completed you will have the opportunity to make a new Task for next year and update the various filing dates.

Video Instructions:

Create an Annual compliance task and Reminder from the Tasks section

  1. Navigate to the Tasks section of the entity and select + New;

  2. Create a new Annual Compliance task as you did in the steps above;

  3. Once you get to the 3. Supporting Documents tab and generate documents, select Create - notice that the status of the task will change to New (you can see this in the top right hand corner of the window) Note: document generation is based on documents that your company has sent to Athennian to be coded for a Task and will not be there in your live environment without that set up;

  4. Once you select Create, navigate to the 1. Details tab and select Set Reminder in the top right of the window;

  5. Select whether you want email notifications, in-app notifications or both;

  6. Enter today’s date as the Due Date, select the frequency of the repeat of the reminder, and enter “Due Date for Task: [name of task]” in the Message field;

  7. In the Recipients field, select your email as the recipient to receive the notification and click Set to confirm the reminder settings;

  8. Click Save to save the changes made to the task;

  9. To update the reminder settings, click into the record for the specific task and click Set Reminder to modify the reminder settings;

  10. Don’t forget to click Set and then Save once your updates are made;

Video Instructions:

Create an Annual compliance task and reminder from the Compliance section

  1. Navigate to the General > Compliance tab;

  2. Fill in the applicable Filing dates in the right column of the screen;

  3. Select Create Compliance Reminder to automatically create a reminder based on the dates entered in the Filing dates section - a new window will pop up with the compliance reminder you’ve just set;

  4. Hover over the compliance reminder you’ve just set and click on the crayon to modify the reminder;

  5. In the repeat section, select Custom. A new window will pop up;

  6. In the Repeat every section, type 2 and select year

  7. Click Save and then click Set to set the reminder;

  8. Select Create Compliance Task, and then navigate to the Tasks section to set up the task using the instructions in the section above.

Video Instructions:

Mission 3 Accomplished! 🚀

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