Create an Entity from a Template and an Org Chart

  1. Navigate to an entity that you have created;
  2. Change the status of the entity from Confirmed to Template;
  3. Move out of the entity and select the entity tab;
  4. Select the New tab and select the Entity from Template;
  5. Create your new entity from the entity that you had turned into a template;
  6. Copy over the Virtual Minute Book but not the Documents option;
  7. Create 2 more entities using this same method;
  8. Navigate to the entity in which you changed the status to Template and change it back to Confirmed;
  9. Go to each new entity created and update the director/officer information to today’s date and delete any registrations that came over from the original entity;
  10. Complete the shareholder information in each of the 3 new entities created by issuing 100 shares to the entity you first created in Mission 1;
  11. Navigate to your original Mission 1 entity;
  12. Select the Org Chart tab;
  13. Generate and export the Org Chart.

Video Instructions:

Generating a Multi-Entity Report

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab in the left-hand column;
  2. Select the Reports tool, select New in the top left corner, and then select + Report;
  3. Click on Add Entity Filter to choose the criteria that the list of entities meet;
  4. Alternatively, select from the saved configurations of reports;
  5. Click Next and view the entities that meet the selected criteria;
  6. Click Select All in the top right corner and de-select and entities you do not want in your report;
  7. Click Next and choose the report template you would like to generate
    - Ex. List of Companies;
  8. Click Merge in the bottom right-hand corner;
  9. View the generated report.

Video Instructions:


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