Create an Entity from a Template and an Org Chart

  1. Navigate to an Entity that you have created
  2. Change the status of the Entity from Confirmed to Template
  3. Move out of the Entity and select the Entity tab
  4. Select the New tab and select the Entity from Template
  5. Create your new entity from the entity that you had turned into a Template
  6. Copy over the Virtual minute book but not the Documents option
  7. Create 2 more entities using this same method
  8. Navigate to the entity that you changed the status to Template and change it back to Confirmed
  9. Go to each new entity created and update the director/officer information to today’s date and delete any registrations that came over from the original entity
  10. Complete the shareholder information in each of the 3 new entities created by issuing 100 shares to the entity you first created in Mission 1
  11. Navigate to your original Mission 1 entity
  12. Select the Org Chart tab
  13. Generate and export the Org Chart

Video Instructions:

Generating a Multi-Entity Report

  1. Navigate to the Report tab in the left-hand column
  2. Select New in the top left corner, then select + Report
  3. Click on Add Entity Filter to choose the criteria that the list of entities meet
  4. Alternatively, select from the saved configurations of reports
  5. Click Next and view the entities that meet the selected criteria
  6. Click Select All in the top right corner and de-select and entities you do not want in your report
  7. Click Next and choose the report template you would like to generate
    - Ex. List of Companies
  8. Click Merge in the bottom right-hand corner
  9. View the generated report

Video Instructions:


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