Completing Your Personal User Profile

Before getting started with EFile in any of the available jurisdictions, make sure that your personal user profile has been set up so that the registries can identify you as the person doing the filings. You will be required to fill in the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your email

  • Your phone number

  • Your address

To access your personal user profile settings, click on your icon in the top righthand corner of your screen and select Settings from the dropdown list. From here, you will be redirected to your Profile where you will be able to make the changes. Make sure to click the Save Changes button at the top of the screen to save the changes.

EFiling an Initial Return

To EFile an Initial Return with the ON Online Registry, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to the entity profile for which you would like to file a Form 1 - Initial Return;

  2. Ensure that a Client Number is entered in the General > Entity Details tab;

  3. Ensure that the relevant director and officer information is added to the entity;

  4. In the Principals > Officers tab, make sure to check off Senior Officer on the 5 officers you would like to be listed in the Form 1 - Initial Return;

  5. Navigate to the Tasks section of that entity, and then select + New to create a new Initial Return Task;

  6. In the task Type field, select Initial Return from the dropdown list and add a Memo Description for your new task - note: once you will have selected this task type, a 2. Initial Return tab will appear;

  7. Navigate to the 2. Initial Return tab to add the relevant dates;

  8. You will notice a File Initial Return button available to you in this tab; this will only be available for filings in ON;

  9. You will notice the entity name, number, location and incorporation listed in this tab, and underneath this you will find Principals and Addresses tabs, which is where you will find a list of all directors and up to five officers, as well as all addresses of the entity listed in Athennian;

  10. Add a Resolution Date if applicable;

  11. Navigate to the 3. Supporting Documents tab and select + Supporting Documents to generate the applicable documents;

  12. Select the appropriate template and then click Add to include it as the supporting document for the Initial Return Task;

  13. Select Create in the bottom righthand corner of the window to create the task, and then select Generate documents;

  14. Select View Documents Now to be redirected to the Documents section to edit, review and send the documents out for signature;

  15. Once all of your documents are signed and completed, navigate back to the Initial Return Task, go to the 2. Initial Return tab and select File Initial Return;

  16. Confirm the information set out in the draft Initial Return filing, check off whether or not the directors are Canadian residents, enter in the name and title of the person authorizing the filing, and then file the return;

  17. Once the return is successfully filed, the filed documents will be added to the Virtual Minute Book and the user will receive a notification either in the Notifications section or as a green message in the bottom left hand corner of the screen;

  18. Once the return is filed, set the task to Completed by selecting the status tab in the top right of the task card;

  19. Select Confirm in the bottom righthand corner of the screen to finish the workflow.

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