In Athennian, tasks are used to generate workflows from the incorporation of an entity to the dissolution/liquidation of an entity. In other words, you can use tasks to complete virtually any workflow for which Athennian has the capability to store its information. In this help article, I will describe the setup of a task as well as the functionalities of each of the tabs of a task.

You will always have three tabs in a task: 1. Details, 2. [Insert Selected Task Type], and 3. Supporting Documents. Below are the functionalities of each of the tabs, regardless of the type of task that you choose.

1. Details

In the 1. Details tab, this is where you will enter the name of the task in the Memo Description, and choose the task Type, the Due Date, the Assignee (which auto-assigns to the user who created the task but can be changed), and the Priority and Details if need be.

2. [Insert Selected Task Type]

In the 2. [Insert Selected Task Type] tab, there will be various fields to fill in depending on which task type you choose - this is where all of the fundamental information is entered.

3. Supporting Documents

In the 3. Supporting Documents tab, this is where you will have the ability to choose the supporting documents that you would like to generate for the task that you are creating - Note: the documents that appear in the list of supporting document templates varies depending on the type of task that you choose.

Always click Create before you select Generate Documents in the 3. Supporting Documents tab to avoid losing the task you just created.

Completion of a Task

Once your task is created and completed, you can set your task to Completed. To set your task to Completed, navigate to your task, click the status of the task in the top righthand corner, and then select Completed with the dropdown list. Depending on the task, you will be prompted to select whether you would like to update certain fields/create new tasks/confirm information in Athennian. Make the applicable selections and then confirm and close the task.

Task Layout in Athennian

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