Virtual minute books are becoming essential as the legal community embraces technology and the need to access corporate records from any location. The ability to create virtual minute books is done easily within the Athennian database. To start, learn how to import virtual minute book headers by following these simple steps:

Importing Headers

  1. Navigate to the entity you would like to create a virtual minute book for;

  2. Navigate to the Virtual Minute Book section of that entity - on the lefthand side, you will notice two tabs: Minute Book and All Documents - this is where you will see all of the different virtual minute book headers and documents listed;

  3. From this tab, select Action and then select Import Headers from the dropdown menu;

  4. Once you select Import Headers, a list of entities will appear (including template entities) in a new window;

  5. Select the entity from which you would like to import the headers. Once you make the selection, the tabs will automatically be imported to the virtual minute book of the new entity.

  6. You can move/edit/delete any of the headers by either dragging and dropping them or by clicking the three dots on the far right of each of the headers as shown below.

Video Instructions on Creating Headers:

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