When completing a new Issuance transaction you now have the option to add shares to a shareholder's existing certificate.

Here's how:

  1. From the entity you would like to work in select Securities then Shares

  2. Click the + New button and choose Issuance

  3. In Details fill out the fields to issue the shares appropriately

  4. Click Next or go to the Shareholding tab

  5. Make sure Select from an existing Shareholding is chosen then select the appropriate Shareholding

    ✨ Once selected, a checkbox will appear with the option to Add to Existing Certificate - Check this box to add shares to an existing certificate of the shareholder you selected

    ✨ Checking this box will reveal all existing certificate(s) for the selected shareholding - select the certificate you wish to issue the new shares to

  6. Click Next or go to the Certificate tab - here you'll see the shares are going to be added to the selected certificate

  7. Click Next or Review to see the issuance details

  8. Click Draft

  9. You will now see multiple issuances in the Transactions tab and the one existing certificate in the Certificates tab

Or see below for a short walkthrough.

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