Share Certificate Consolidations are easier to complete with some new workflows.

To check them out, follow these steps:

  1. From an entity, on the left hand side tabs, select Securities then Shares

  2. Now on the top tabs, select Certificates

  3. Select the two certificates you want to consolidate by clicking the checkbox to on left of each certificate line

  4. Once selected a Consolidate button will appear to the right of the Generate Selected button--click Consolidate

    ✨ A new transaction modal will pop up that gives you more control and actions for your consolidation

  5. Follow the workflow to complete your consolidation and once you've gone through the Details, Certificate Issuance, and Review headings on the left, click Draft

  6. Once complete you'll also be able to see the consolidation transaction on the Transactions tab

✨ Other exciting things to note:

  • On the certificates page search you now have filters - this includes the ability to filter out canceled certificates

  • Add a sort number, review the certificate code and ledger number before completing the consolidation

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