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  1. From an entity go to Securities and select Shares (Units)

  2. Select the Dividends heading

  3. Click the + New button (you can also access this button from the Transactions, Certificates, or Stated Capital headings)

  4. Select Cash Dividends

  5. Fill out the fields as necessary

    Transaction Date: The dividend will be paid as at the date selected and only include the respective shareholdings

  6. Click Draft

  7. The new dividend will appear inline under the Dividends heading

  8. Click on the new dividend

  9. In this view you'll find new details and headings

    ✨ Under Details you can now see exactly how many shares there were as at the selected transaction date

    ✨ And a new heading for Shareholdings where you'll who all the shareholders were on the dividend payment, how many shares they had on that date, and how much they got paid.

    BONUS: All of this information is available in Document Coding as well!

Watch the video below to see some of the new features added to our Cash Dividends workflow in action:

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