Registers and Ledgers allow you to export ownership information in a clean, easy to read format. These reports are generated in seconds, with the ability to export, sign or add to the Virtual Meeting Book.

When generating a Register or Ledger, you may need to look back in time, to see how your ownership was arranged historically. By adding an β€˜as-at’ date, the reports will only include securities if they were issued at that time.

  1. From an entity record, navigate to Securities > Shares/Units

  2. In the upper right, click Registers / Ledgers

  3. Then choose a specific Share Class, or all of them

From this window, at the very top, enter the date you would like to see the report generated for. If you leave this blank, the Register will generate as of today’s date. Choose the Registers / Ledgers that you need by clicking the left-hand selectors and then click Merge.

See it in action below!

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