We've updated uncertificated shares to them better to handle and (hopefully) your life easier! Uncertificated shares will no longer have a certificate code and you have the power over sort order.

To see these new features:

  1. Start by creating an Issuance

  2. Fill in the appropriate fields in Details and Shareholding

  3. Go to the Certificate tab

  4. Select Uncertificated Shares

    ✨ Once selected you'll notice Certificate Code defaults to N/A - that's right, that's because Uncertificated Shares no longer get a Certificate Code applied!

    Sort Order is the other new feature you'll see here. This allows you to determine the order in which the certificate will be listed both for default when viewing in Athennian and when generating documents!

  5. Click the Review tab to see all the details for the issuance

  6. Select Draft and see your new Uncertificated (un-coded) Shares!

To see the sort order in action, take peek at this overview of the new features:

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