When deleting transactions you will not only get a view of all the certificates, shareholdings, and transactions that will be impacted by the deletion, you also have the opportunity to delete all related transactions at the same time OR delete the one selected transaction.

Too good to be true? See for yourself!

  1. From an entity go to Securities and select the Shares (Units) tab

  2. Find the transaction or certificate you would like to delete

  3. Click on the ••• on the right hand side of the transaction line

  4. Select Delete

    ✨ After selecting Delete you'll be taken through the new, more detailed, workflow for deleting transactions and certificates

  5. Under the Certificates and Shareholdings tabs you'll see all the downstream events that the deletion of the selected transaction will affect

  6. Under Confirmation you're given a summary of all downstream events affected by the deletion

  7. The power is in your fingertip! You can now choose to:

    Simple Delete - and delete only the selected transaction/certificate. This will leave all downstream transactions intact, and you will be required to manually delete any transactions that are made invalid by the deletion of the single transaction


    Cascade Delete - to delete the select transaction/certificate and at the same time, reverse all downstream transactions affected by the selected transaction/certificate

    🚨 Note: Both Delete actions are PERMANENT and can not be undone once actioned

Transfer Transaction in action:

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