API 101

Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson
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πŸ˜ƒ Version 1 of the Athennian API has been great, but Version 2 will be much better! We will launch V2 soon and provide additional details and resources. If you have been given early access to V2, then this article is for you. V1 resources remain available until being fully replaced at the start of the V2 launch.


This guide will be your first step for all things Athennian API!

  • Currently Available:
    • Introduction
    • Setup
  • Coming Soon:
    • Scope, Timeline, Demos, and more!


The Athennian API empowers your own custom automation integrations between all of your other systems! It is a robust read and write API enabling all the primary data workflows you can build.


  • Full Integration
    • Create your own workflows between Athennian and everything else!
  • Full Customization
    • Create your own features just the way you want!
  • Full Automation
    • Eliminate the perpetual costs of manual processes!
      • Including inconsistent human error (slowness, typos, omissions).


  • Create
    • Make Athennian data automatically without manual migrations.
  • Update
    • Sync all your systems automatically when something changes.
  • Report
    • Pull your data and create more robust reporting across all of your systems.



Thorough documentation of our GraphQL API is coming soon. However, below you will find some helpful examples of what we are building!

  • Technical API Documentation Examples
    • V1 Introduction, Details.
    • V2 for primary details, see the Setup guide below. More coming soon!


In this article, we will guide you through how to setup the API feature.