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Welcome to the Athennian API experience! Here we'll guide you through each step of the journey.

For a simplified list of all API resources, click here.


The Athennian API allows your teams the ability to scale by engineering integration automation and tailored customization. This includes workflows both inside and outside of Athennian.

Before proceeding, please check our list of integrations here to see if the functionality you want has already been built.

Please contact us directly for a personalized introduction!

General Support:

  • Basics
  • Scope:
    • Our API supports many of the core Athennian functionality related to:
      • Entities, People, Affiliations, Documents, Securities, etc.
  • Technology:
    • Our API is primarily GraphQL which provides a high level of efficient data connectivity.

Technical Documentation:

As a brief example, through our API, you could pull 100 entity names and IDs by configuring the query below in an app like Postman:

API Request:

query {
options: {limit:100, skip:0})
{name, id}

API Response:

{ "data": {
"entities": [
{"name": "Entity A",
"id": "663c47fb1cb8a360640a417b"},
{"name": "Entity B",
"id": "663c4822746d0760cf6b1f4c"}


In this article, we will guide you through how to setup the API feature.


  • How do I learn more about the API?
    • Please contact us so we can start your Athennian API journey.
  • What does an API do for my business?
    • Our API gives your teams the ability to scale by building high levels of integration automation and tailored customization. This decreases costly busy work, and empowers your teams to do the strategic work they prefer.
  • How would we use the API?
    • Your team would use it to programmatically build custom integrations between any of your tools including Athennian. For example, you could automate the creation, maintenance, and reporting of entity data without any of the usual, manual work.
  • Can I see an example of the API working?
    • Yes, please contact us or click here.
  • What can your API do?
    • Ours is primarily a GraphQL API which can read and write core Athennian data including entities, people, addresses, registrations, affiliations, and securities.


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