New Filter: Show or Hide Capital Classes in Charts

Charlé West
Charlé West
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Overview: Athennian introduces a new feature in structure charts that empowers users to expand and collapse multiple classes found between a parent and a subsidiary entity. This article provides a detailed guide on how to use the new capital classes filter to enhance visualization and understanding of ownership structures within the platform.

Accessing the Filter:

Open your entity and navigate to the structure charts section within Athennian. The filter can be found in filters > capital classes. It will give you the option to show or hide.


Viewing Capital Classes and understanding how they are added in Athennian:

In the security section, locate and open the "Classes" tab to view the available classes, such as preferred stock classes.


Reviewing Ownership Transactions:

Explore ownership transactions within each class to understand the connections between entities.

Note any issuances to specific groups or entities, across different classes to understand how this will be represented in charts.


Activating the Filter:

In the structure charts section, locate the filter labeled "Capital Classes."

Select "show" to display expanded representation of classes in ownership structures, including all connected classes between entities.


Collapsing View:

To simplify the visualization, select "hide" to collapse the view of capital classes.

This condensed view provides a clearer overview, especially for complex ownership structures with multiple classes.


Navigating Through Charts:

Experiment with the feature to navigate through charts more effectively, particularly when dealing with larger ownership structures. Use the filter to expand or collapse views as needed to uncover detailed ownership information.